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About EPC NI

Since 2008 we have offered energy performance certificates to homeowners and landlords across Northern Ireland. The best way is to order online using our online order form. We cover every town and every postcode across Northern Ireland.

Once you order online, we will contact you within 24 hours in order to arrange a time for your home EPC assessment.

Over the past 14 years we have built a reputation as a trustworthy provider of EPCs with high attention to detail and fresh thinking in our customer solutions. We deliver EPCs within 2-3 days from the energy survey.

Our service has been recognised throughout Northern Ireland as all our domestic energy assessors are accredited and monitored by the most reputable national accreditation schemes.

Over 27,500 Homes

We offer a specialist property energy assessment service in Northern Ireland. This is delivered by a dedicated team who survey your property, complete on-site evidence collection and checks, lodge the certificate in the appropriate registry, provide improvements and recommendations reports, ensure Scheme compliance and deliver an overall EPC service which is second to none. Our team has lodged over 27,500 EPCs in Northern Ireland.

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